Our mission is to help NZ small businesses grow, become efficient and scalable.

Growth Engine was born out of a desire to achieve great things for small businesses. We have worked in large, multinational companies spending huge budgets on research, development and implementation. We know small businesses don’t have large budgets, but need great technology solutions just as much as the big guys do. We are excited to work with your business, to share our knowledge, and to help your business reach its full potential.

We build trust with our clients by working efficiently and effectively so we don’t waste your time and money – we promise you will see immediate results as we help you work towards your long-term business goals.

An experienced technology professional, I have over 10 years of experience in business analysis and helping large organisations solve the right business problems and achieve the right business outcomes. I have been the key player for a number of technology projects for organisations across different business sectors such as media and advertising, financial services and banking.

I am a firm believer that technology improves lives and data should be fully harnessed by organisations to generate insights, which will enable better business decisions to be made and create opportunities that will improve product and service offering.

With the skills and experience I have acquired working with large organisations, I want to direct them to helping small businesses succeed.

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